These privacy policies are for the safe use of user’s personal information. Our website collects certain data from the users and using it in a secure way to provide enhanced support and services for the users.

Personal data

Our website users must provide their personal information like name, email and other payment credentials on our site at necessary steps and they can provide this information either on call or through chat. Our website is collecting all these data only to clearly recognize the device user and for perfect support for their devices. If any violations are from the user side, then we will expose personal information for certain legal actions.

Payment data

For this online support, online payment transactions are a very essential one. So users should provide their payment details. We use these data only to provide clear and uninterrupted payment transactions for the users. All users should authenticate every payment process with a one-time password to ensure the right user is only using the payment gateway for the amount deduction.


Cookies are to improve the user experience from the website side. In the meantime, blocking the cookies can lead to failure in certain payment transaction processes. Cookies cannot tamper the personal information of the user. The user can enable or disable the cookies through the settings option.

User location

By sharing the location with the website, the user can get the best website experience for their particular location. It can reduce and avoid unnecessary navigations and searches on the website. We suggest users enter their location to know all the up to date data relevant to their location on our website.


Our website gives assurance for all the users, that it will safeguard every user from fraudulent transactions. We always embrace with the terms and conditions and use the user information in a flawless way. In case, if there is any violation in the terms, then the user should move to the further steps with legal authorities only.