HP printers are renowned devices in the professional world. With more than 300 million users, HP is always recreating and incorporating new levels of technology into their printers, to offer a great printing experience to the customers. The biggest advantage of HP is its reliability and advancement in technologies along with a great performance. They are always satisfying their users with better printing quality, using state of the art technologies, enabling wireless connections by providing high-resolution prints.

HP Printer Offline
HP Printer Offline

However, all electronic devices are prone to some errors and troubles. In the case of a printer, there are lots of technical issues to be discussed. In this collection of errors, HP printer offline error is a common one among the users which arises due to some technical faults. This blog is all about resolving the HP printer offline error.

Steps to solve the HP Printer Offline error

When you detect the HP printer offline notification for your printer on the computer, do the following steps to eliminate that error. To proceed with the steps, first, you need to download the free tool for Windows called HP print and scan doctor. It helps to resolve all the common printing and scanning troubles, missing or corrupt devices, difficulties in connectivity, to scan error messages, printer offline and stuck in printing etc.

  1. Go to the browser and search for HP Print and Scan Doctor
  2. Download and install the free tool on your computer
  3. Enter the tool and click the start button
  4. Available printers are displayed on the list and select your printer’s name on the list
  5. If the printer is not available, then select the retry option, otherwise, follow the instructions in the HP print and scan manual.
  6. If the screen is indicating to turn on the printer updates, select the ‘yes’ button
  7. And also, if a window pops up indicating to make the printer as the default printer, click the ‘yes’ option
  8. Then, try to print any document
  9. If it is still showing the HP Printer Offline error, then proceed with the upcoming steps
  10. Set the default printer option to your respective windows operating system
  11. In your Windows settings, search for ‘devices’, and then select the ‘printers & scanners’ in the options
  12. If there are multiple printers under the option, select the one which has a status idle or online
  13. Select your printer and right click and then, set as the default printer
  14. Try out to print now and if the error is even prevailing, do the next steps

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  1. Restart all your devices, and check the internet network connection is strong or not
  2. If the computer is unable to detect the printer in USB cable connection, check whether the cable wire has the defect or not
  3. Also, connect the cable with any other USB port in the printer
  4. Fix firmly at both the ends and check for the connection

By doing the above-mentioned steps, most probably the error can be resolved. Besides, if you have further queries on HP printer offline error, visit our hub 123.hp.com/setup or reach us by the toll-free number +1-844-510-3770.