Hp Printer Not Printing [SOLVED]

Printer errors always pop up if you start printing the documents or perform the scan, copy or the fax functions. A lot of printer errors will pop up and you just need to understand the error type to begin the troubleshooting. As the troubleshooting step varies for each Hp Printer not printing error type start analyzing the error first.

Resolve the Hp Printer not printing errors and begin all your print tasks right away. Get quality and sharp printouts for all the documents that you print.

Hp Printer Not Printing

Common errors that occur

The most common printing errors that popup include unable to print the documents, scan errors, device software errors and network errors.

Unable to print the documents

If you are unable to print the documents or getting errors like Hp Printer not printing, check if there is any jammed paper inside. Remove the jammed paper and start printing to check if the errors resolve.

Internet errors

  • To use the printer it is always important to connect it to the network connection. Wireless network errors will resolve if you use the valid network credentials.
  • Users who prefer a wired network connection can check the cables that you use. It is always important to insert the cable properly to the respective slot.
  • Printing a wireless network test page will help you to verify and validate the printer settings
  • You can go to the Settings > Network to check the internet connection settings

Check here to resolve the HP Printer offline issues and troubleshooting guidelines.


Check the cartridge placement and make sure that the cartridges are aligned properly. Check out the reviews to find out the latest cartridge brand that is compatible to use with your printer model to overcome Hp Printer not printing error. Try not to touch the cartridge contact points while you insert the cartridge.

Clean the cartridge points

Make sure that there are no dust or smears that are accumulated over the surface of the printer. If so try to wipe it with a paper or cloth to remove the dust.

Check the Ink Level

The Ink level of the cartridges should be accurate. If the level is low try to fill the ink. HP always suggest you to use the quality Ink of its own brand and not any other

Software errors

Check the software version that you use for your Printer and make sure that it is not the old version. Try to update the software with the new version if the old version is not working.

If you have multiple print jobs in your queue delete all the print jobs and try to start the print jobs again. Try not to execute multiple print jobs at the same time.

Check the printer settings

Verify and validate the printer settings and make sure that it is valid. Restart the printer once and almost all the errors will resolve

Apart from the above-listed steps, there are other troubleshooting tips too.

Want to know more about Hp Printer not printing errors and troubleshooting suggest you to read the troubleshooting guide available. Visit 123.hp.com/envy setup or speak to our customers by ringing the contact number +1-844-510-3770