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Another Instant Ink Ready printer from HP, the Envy 7855 All-in-One is a highly dependable device released only sometime in 2017. It can scan, copy, fax and well, even print. Accomplish borderless printing seamlessly with this machine that especially spits out stunning photo prints. There are some accessories that make the machine even more reliable and versatile. Avail of services such as wireless connectivity, a powerful printing app, and an ink replenishment service that halves the cost of printing from It supports a variety of paper sizes as far as printing is concerned and innumerable file types for scanning.


The 7855 carries dimensions of 17.9 in Width x 19.3 in Depth x 7.6 in Height and weighs approximately 16.71 lbs. Definitely, the device is considered as an upgraded printer version from its previous Envy predecessors. The quality of photographs derived out of the device is rather noteworthy. A handsome machine, it comes with some glossy-black highlights and majorly, a matte-black finish. Both input and output trays exist with their feeder capacities at 125 and 25 sheets, respectively. Multipage documents can be printed through an ADF or Automatic Document Feeder.


Scan and print directly into the SD card or USB. Additionally, the printer is also equipped with ePrint facilities. Email all printing in the form of attachments to a distinctive email ID especially assigned to the printer. Furthermore, the device establishes a network connection through the 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, the USB and even the Ethernet. Get a compatible mobile device and connect peer-to-peer through the Bluetooth or by using the HP Wireless Direct. Use the HP Smart App on the iOS or the Android device to issue commands over the Bluetooth.

If you are using HP Envy 6255 Printer, complete the setup process with

First-time setup through and unboxing

  • HP always comes with standardized setup processes for the first time, especially for their hardware unboxing. This can be done through
  • Ensure that you are gentle with the printer all through
  • Remove tapes, protective materials, and Styrofoam completely before you power the device on
  • Some of the internal areas where you should look for safety layers are the cartridge access area, input tray and output tray grooves.
  • Once you have powered your machine on, it will ask you to go through a series of steps visualized on the diagonal size 2.65” touchscreen
  • Load both paper and ink cartridges (CMYK) to achieve first time printing

Wireless printer setup

  • For every wireless setup in, it is imperative to gather the SSID, and related passwords and keys beforehand.
  • Generally, the wizard issues instructions much later to append the Ethernet and USB cables.
  • Perform the network setup through the Wizard by entering the network name and password.

On Windows and on the MAC

  • Go to the computer to download the software and driver from HP’s website
  • Once you click BEGIN, and then the DOWNLOAD icon, the HP EASY START file is downloaded into a folder on the computer
  • From the DOWNLOADS bar itself, you can double-click and then either RUN or INSTALL the file

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