HP Paper Jam Errors

HP Paper Jam errors will prevent your printer from printing the documents and it is important to resolve it right away. The multiple print jobs that you perform is the major reason for the error. Start executing few tips and tricks below to overcome the error.

Resolve the HP paper jam errors and make sure that you get your printouts in top quality and speed.

Check the paper position

It is important to place the paper in the exact and right position. Check the alignment of the paper before you start your print jobs.

HP Paper Jam Errors
HP Paper Jam Errors

Restart your printer

Remove all the cables. Wait for some time and then try to reconnect the cables back again.

Check the paper input tray that you use

Open the paper input tray and you can search for the jammed pieces of paper inside. If so you can take it out or remove it immediately.

Reset your printer model

Improper position of the paper may be the reason for the error

Cartridge alignment

It is always important to align the cartridge properly in the required position. To align it properly take it out from the cartridge slot and realign it properly.

Cleaning the print heads

Cleaning the print head is followed by most of the customers and if any dust or smears start accumulating on the surface try to wipe it right away. Do not allow the ink smears to accumulate over the surface of the print head and cartridge

In case any dust or smears accumulate over the paper feed rollers the chances of errors are more and hence we also suggest you to wipe the paper feed rollers

Do not perform multiple print jobs

It will be good if you do not perform multiple print jobs at a time. As you do it chances are more for HP paper jam errors to occur.

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Service your Printer once

Check if your device is under warranty period. If so you can service the printer model once. In case if you are really stuck with paper Jam errors, start using the available troubleshooting tips. Visit 123.hp.com/setup or ring the support number to get the required guidance right away. Our team of certified agents will be happy to guide you any time to resolve the HP paper Jam errors. Call us @ +1-844-510-3770