Printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines. These were four different machines, all needed for an office to function effectively. But the times have changed. Times have changed both with respect to the supply of what comes to the printer market and with respect to who needs one.

Today, every household needs a printer, and it is inevitable that printers are now equipped with copiers and scanners as well, and in a few printers like, even sending faxes are possible. These Envy printers, in particular, are very lightweight and are very easy to move around the house.

How do I setup my HP Envy 4512 All-in-One Printer / Copier / Scanner

In this piece, we will take you through the entire process of having an Envy printer; like HP Envy 4512 setup(, right from the process of taking the printer out of the box to having the printer specific device driver installed on the computer; and taking printouts from the computer. It is not as difficult as one would imagine, but it is equally time consuming and confusing if you are doing this for the first time. But on the whole, the process is a simple, three-step one.

  • Taking the printer and its parts out of the box and set them up physically.
  • Setting up a connection between the computer and the network, network and the printer and the printer and the computer.
  • Download the printer driver software from the internet or install the driver software from the CD given during the time of purchase.

So, these three are the steps. We will discuss in detail about installing the device driver software since that is where most people get stuck. But if you have any questions with the steps 1 and 2, feel free to let us know all about it, and we are here to provide the assistance you would need at our toll-free number +1-844-510-3770.

HP Envy 4512 All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner driver installation

Now moving on to step 3, this is both the last and the easiest step in the entire process. But people get confused as to the source of these device drivers and where to install the device driver. There are two sources from which you can download the device drivers. One, from the CD made available to you by the dealer, during the time of the purchase. You can use this when the device driver software in the CD is up to date and is usable. If you have a CD drive, please insert the CD and start the installation process.

Complete the HP Envy 4524 Printer Setup and installation in

If this is not possible due to any reason, be it the CD being outdated or unusable, or the computer not having a CD drive, you can download the device driver software from the internet. You will have to furnish two things to download the right driver – One, the printer model. Two, the operating system. Once you get the driver software, please go ahead and install HP envy it on your computer.

Once the installation starts, irrespective of where you got the driver file from the installer takes the front wheel and lets you know what to do and when to do. So, follow the onscreen instructions, install the printer successfully, and let us know how it all went! Happy printing!