What all would you need in a printer to call it a “modern” one? It should be wireless, yes. It should also be able to take photocopies, scan and send faxes in addition to being able to print, they should be fast, they shouldn’t take up more than a little corner of your study table. Right?

The 123.hp.com/envy5661 Wireless All-in-one printer provides all this, and even more. The printer is light and small, heavy duty, and is multipurpose. The print can easily out print many of its competitors and it can handle quite a few printing jobs in the queue. So, this is a steal!


So, in this article, we will try and help you with the setup and the installation of these printers. Though the installation process more or less stays the same, the difference is in the driver you choose for your printer. We will first cover the basics and then move on to how to download the right driver for your 123.hp.com/envy5661 Wireless All-in-one printer.

The basic steps – Setting up HP Envy 5661 Wireless All-in-one printer physically.

  • Unbox the printer
  • Check for damages or breakages
  • Connect the power socket to the printer
  • Connect the printer to a wall based power outlet
  • Switch on the printer
  • load a few papers and a few cartridges in the respective slots
  • Wait for the printer to print a sample page automatically
  • Once this is done, connect the printer to the internet
  • Connect your computer to the internet as well

Now, the software driver installation for your HP Envy 5661 Wireless All-in-one printer

Prerequisites- A computer to download and install the device driver in, an active internet connection, compatible operating system, and the printer model number. (Installation CD if you prefer to install via the CD)

  1. Please insert the CD given at the time of the purchase (If you don’t have the CD, skip to point three)
  2. Click and run the software with administrator permission (If you start your installation with your CD, please skip to point 9)
  3. Go to the browser and search for HP Envy 5661 Wireless All-in-one printer driver(123.hp.com/envy5661)
  4. in any website, you will have to specify your printer model to download the device driver for
  5. The next thing they’ll need is the operating system for which you want the printer device driver for
  6. One you furnish both, you should have the right driver
  7. Download the driver file
  8. Install it
  9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process
If you are using HP Envy 4500 Printer, complete the setup process with 123.hp.com/envy4500

Please make sure to disconnect the printer from the computer if there are any physical connections such as USB. The installer will ask you to connect the 123.hp.com/envy5661 printer to the computer and only then go ahead and connect the printer.

Once done, you can select the printer from the available device and start printing with 123.hp.com/envy5661 from your computer. If you are not able to do this, or if you are stuck between any of the steps, Visit HP Envy Setup or let us know via our toll-free number +1-844-510-3770 and we will help you figure it out!