Introduction to envy5055

The HP Envy 5055 All-in-One Printer is an Instant Ink, color, multi-functional device that can print, copy and scan. While printing impeccable photographs, the device also provides affordable prints through a subscription.  It allows you to set up the printer through your mobile via, while even enabling control for all its other functions as well.


With a standard memory of 256 MB, the HP Envy 5055 AIO comes with a diagonal display, about 5.58 cm in size. It is monochrome – not displaying messages in color – but yet comes with touchscreen features. Device dimensions are around 17.5 in width, 14.4 in depth and 5 in height, and it weighs about 11.93 lbs. Accomplishing printing through the thermal inkjet technology, the machine uses a 4-color ink palette namely Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black.


The printer is dynamic security enabled and uses only HP cartridges with its original electronic circuits. Wi-Fi setups can be accomplished pretty fast. Additionally, the printing device also supports dual-band Wi-Fi. Access printing through the smartphone, tablet or other internet-compatible gadgets to facilitate printing of any kind of media. This feature is particularly useful when you have to print photos stored on your mobile devices.

Designed for versatility, the main features and functions of the are wireless, mobile printing supports varied sizes of photograph outputs, and facilitates borderless printing.

Key characteristics

The printer is also equipped with the following notable attributes:

  • ADF or automatic document feeder with two-sided printing
  • Directly scanning into the email
  • Separate trays for printing photos
  • Printing straight out of the USB drive
  • High-yield cartridges (optional)
  • Networking through the Ethernet
  • Energy Star Certification

First-time setup through envy5055 and unboxing

  • When you first unbox and set up any printer, always refer to the list that accompanies the package. Prudence recommends you to verify if you have indeed received all the elements. If not, reach out to the manufacturer for a resolution.
  • Thereafter, be gentle when you try to take the printer machine out of the box
  • The cover encasing is pretty strong, so use your grip around it to pull the device out
  • Remove all tapes and surrounding protective materials. Look inside the input tray, output tray area and the cartridge access door for safety materials
  • Turn the printer on with the help of the power cord. Try connecting this directly into the power outlet and as far as possible, avoid power strips

Wireless printer setup

Basically, a wireless printer setup for the requires the SSID, password and WEP credentials. Barring these, it may be difficult to accomplish a wireless setup seamlessly. Once you have all these ready, remove any cabling and other attachments from the printer. Also, all wireless setups require software and driver downloads, which is best obtained from the manufacturer’s website. It can be accessed through

On the printer

  • Turn the printer and the router on
  • First get the machine on the network by pressing the Wireless icon on the control panel of the printer
  • Follow all the instructions


  • To set the printer up on the MAC, go to HP’s website and enter the model number of the printer
  • A full-feature driver and software package will appear
  • Click on it and download it: BEGIN -> DOWNLOAD
  • A.DMG file will appear on the MAC’s download bar
  • Click to launch the installation wizard and then double click on the HP INKJET SW icon
  • Wait for the HP Utility Software to open and from her choose the printer’s name and click CONTINUE ->. ADD PRINTER
  • From the ADD window, select your printer’s name and the under KIND choose BONJOUR
  • Thereafter execute commands as follows:
  • USE or PRINT USING menu -> printer’s name -> ADD
  • An ADD PRINTER window opens where you click on CONTINUE
  • Finally, after completing instructions on the screen click on DONE
Complete the HP Envy 5530 Printer Setup and installation in


  • Setting up the printer on a Windows system through is more or less similar to the MAC except for some minute variations in the commands
  • Connect the printer to the wireless first through, just as above
  • Go to the HP website to download the software and drivers for the operating system
  • Use the Auto Wireless Connect screen to complete the setup

Clarify your setup procedure on HP envy Printers with our experts by calling them at +1-844-510-3770.