The Printer is an extremely popular All-in-One model. It is a multifunctional device and a good performer. This Print, Scan, Copy, Web and Photo printer, on the outside, is stylish and blends well with its surroundings. A highly-responsive control panel is placed on the front. It allows you to place all the required commands into it except for the POWER. The button to ON/OFF the printer is situated just above the wireless icon and light on the front.


Incidentally, you can set up the through the smartphone or tablet. You can also refer to the picture book or instruction guide that comes along with the machine. Most of the time, you need not even open this, because the touchscreen setup prompts are extremely user-friendly. Hook up the printer through a wireless or use the USB option as well to setup wireless.

  • Remove the items gently and then, deftly by folding back the flaps of the cardboard box all the way back. Pull the printer out on a table by grasping the edges of the cover that it is placed into.
  • Generally, the accessories, guides, and also cartridges will be placed on top of the box. This allows accessorial verification to ascertain receipt of all components.
  • If there is a card attached to the cartridge, it is best kept safe. Use this as a citation when the cartridges require replacement.
  • Basic setup and troubleshooting is available in a multi-language user guide along with a GETTING STARTED GUIDE
  • The CD accompanying the package contains basic software and then, driver setup. In case you misplace the disk, you will find all the software and driver modules on HP’s website.

Set Hardware up the first time

  • Tear away all the wrappings, tapes and also other cardboard materials placed as protection, in and around the box.
  • Lift up the scanner lid to take away the protective sheet against the scanner glass.
  • Remove tapes and other placements from the input and output trays and then finally, remove the films from against the front of the control panel.
  • Once everything has been unpacked, power up the device to configure the rest of the settings
  • And then, when the printer machine prompts you, insert the ink cartridges
  • The device automatically recognizes cartridges loaded and proceeds to ask you to load the paper
  • Align some sheets into the input tray and print an ALIGNMENT page
  • Scan this page to complete the first time printer unboxing and setup
If you are using HP Envy 4510 Printer, complete the setup process with Software and driver setup

  • To complete driver and software installation for the Envy 4500 printer, go to HP’s website
  • You can accomplish these steps for both the Windows and MAC Computers
  • Barring a few customized commands within a specific operating system, the rest of the instructions externally, on the browser, remain the same
  • You can download the driver by going directly into HP’s PRINTER page and clicking on GO against the SOFTWARE AND DRIVERS option
  • This way, you will get your results immediately and the page recognizes your operating system as well

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