HP has a few printers that can print both papers and photos. These means the domestic printers can now print the photos and documents that the household wants, with ease. The 123.hp.com/envy7155 printer is usually a low maintenance, meaning you don’t have to spend much to keep the printer going. The new instant ink feature also makes sure that you don’t run out of cartridges; in the middle of the work.


How does Instant Ink work

It is fairly simple. What happens is the printer has a track of the ink level and the average usage pattern. It also keeps in count the distance between itself and the nearest HP outlet, and the time it’ll take to ship a cartridge from the store to the printer.

Now that it has taken into consideration the three main things, it will order a new replacement for the cartridges when it hits a particular threshold. This way, right when the ink runs out in your printer, your replacement would have already reached you.

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How do I setup HP Envy Photo 7155 – 123.hp.com/envy7155

The process is tri-folded. The first step involves setting up the printer physically, and the second step includes connecting the printer and the computer to each other and these two to a stable, standard internet connection. The printer, once connected to a wireless or wired internet is ready to work, with just one step left.

The next and the last step in the setup of 123.hp.com/envy7155 printer is to download and install the device driver; from the internet. You can also choose to install the device driver from the CD that was given to you at the time of purchase.

How do I install the device driver for HP Envy 7155

One is to use the CD that you were given during the time of the purchase; as a part of the print kit. If you don’t have the CD, or if your computer does not have a CD port, please choose to download and install the driver from the internet.

It does not take much time, but you will have to be careful about which ones you download because there are a lot of device drivers out there on the internet. So, choose a site to download the device driver from, preferably a secure one. Now, please specify the printer model and the operating system that the printer is supposedly working on. Once these two are specified the website is supposed to give you the file to download. After you download, please install the printer and wait for the installer to start.

On-screen instructions

Whether installing via CD or via a downloaded software, the on-screen instructions in the installer will help you set the printer up. For instance, when to connect the printer to the computer via a USB cable will be instructed via an on-screen text during the installation, and you can follow the instructions to complete the process.

Now, this is how you setup your 123.hp.com/envy7155 printer. If you have any questions with the setup process, Visit 123.hp.com/envy setup or please let us know via our toll-free number +1-844-510-3770